Tado smart heating and radiator thermostat

On this page we show how we use Tado's smart heating. Also with handy examples and explanations!

In our house we have no central heating or central thermostat, but district heating. As a result, we cannot control the heating centrally, but we need to control the temperature per radiator by setting the radiator heating in a room to the correct temperature. Not very ideal. How happy we are with the smart thermostat heating products from Tado!

Tado starterkit

If you start with Tado for the first time, then you start with a Tado starterkit. Depending on your home situation you choose the right starterkit, look at our Advice Guide which starter kit is the right one for you. For all types of home heating, Tado has a starterkit, whether you have central heating or you have rooms controlled individually.

In our case, the right starter kit was the starter kit with 2 smart radiator thermostats and a hub.
The kit contains all necessary parts such as instruction manuals and various adapters to attach the Tado radiator buttons.


Fitting the Tado radiator thermostats is fairly simple, it actually took us more effort to dismantle the old radiator thermostats than attaching the new Tado radiator thermostats. With one Tado radiator thermostat we had the problem that the Tado radiator thermostat came loose, but after telephone contact with Tado we received a new adapter and that solved the problem!


We have placed the Tado hub in the meter cupboard, directly with an internet cable to the router. A handy feature that you do not often see is that you can also connect the Tado hub to the router with a USB to provide power to the Tado hub. Handy if you no longer have a free electrical outlet nearby.

Onze Tado starterskit uitgepakt

Installing Tado products

At new products, you often want to install them immediately without first reading the manual in detail, at least that is usually the case with us. However, when installing Tado, it is good to start with reading the manual. The installation starts with creating a user account on the Tado website, followed by registering your Tado products with the Tado servers, after which you really start to assemble the thermostats.



Tado app

In addition to the website login portal on My.tado.com, you can also operate and manage your Tado products with the Tado app. After installing the app, log in with the same user account as you created on the Tado website.

Save energy with Tado location-based control

With Tado products you save on your energy costs, that is what Tado promises. One of the means to do that is location-based management. With this handy option, Tado will automatically turn the heating off or lower the moment you leave home.

Note: for Location-based control, it is necessary that your phone supports Locations.

Within the Tado website / app you activate location-based management.

After activation, Tado indicates with the home radar whether you are at home or away from home.

Set up multiple residents in the house

If you have miltiple residents, you can add these to your Tado profile from the Tado website / app. You can do this from 'Settings' by clicking on 'People'. With the + you can invite a person. After entering the e-mail address of the person, they will receive an invitation by e-mail to also create a Tado account. The Tado account of this person is then automatically linked to your Tado home profile.


Adding multiple people to your Tado home profile is necessary if you use Location-based control, for example. Tado will also take these people into account and only turn the heating off or lower when every resident is away from the home location.

Manual operation and setting how long active on manual operation

You can control the heating of the Tado radiator thermostats from within the app, but also manually at the radiator thermostats itself.


You can set the new desired temperature manually by turning the radiator thermostat. As a result, you will overrule the automatic temperature schedule as you have set in the app. By default the manually set temperature remains active until you indicate in the app that you want to go back to the automatic temperature schedule.


However, there is a also possibility in the app that allows you to set the radiator button to automatically return to the automatic heating schedule at the time that the next automatic change takes effect or after the lapse of x number of minutes (timer).

Tado app version 3

The new version 3 of the Tado app has recently become available. And more options are available in this version than in the older version of the app. For example, it is possible to see the climate comfort of your home and surroundings. Super handy and it gives you a nice overview of your house or rooms whether they are too warm, too damp or just right in terms of climate. The app also shows how things are in your environment with air freshness, pollen and hay fever sensitivity.