Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote control and hub

A universal remote control that replaces all your existing remote controls and can also control your smart products at home, it sounds great. In fact, we have the Logitech Harmony Elite and it's great!

We have purchased the Logitech Harmony Elite as a replacement for our current Logitech universal remote control (the Harmony One), but what a difference in possibilities.

The difference is not only in the more options, such as handy features such as a swipe function on the screen and control of your smart Hue lighting. But especially in the included Hub. The Hub ensures that multiple communication protocols (such as infrared, Bleutooth) can be used flawlessly, but also that you no longer have to point the remote control at your equipment. From the garden we can now turn up the volume of the TV, handy if you just hear a nice song on the radio.

Although the remote control has a huge database of supported devices, it is possible that a device does not exist in the database. We have an unbranded ceiling fan with infrared control. And we could easily add these ourselves by learning the buttons from the original remote control on the Harmony remote control.

Just as enthusiastic about this product as we are?

  • Control your TV and multimedia with one remote control!

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Set up Harmony Logitech Elite in the desktop software

The Harmony Logitech Elite remote control can be set via the desktop software. You can also do this via the app on your mobile phone or tablet.

After logging in to the desktop software you will see in the main menu an overview of the devices that you have added or will add (a total of 15 possible). You can also see the activities that you have set or are about to set. And you can tailor the buttons on the remote control and favorites for watching TV.




At "Groups" you can group your smart home products that you have linked to the Harmony remote. For example, we have linked the Philips Hue lighting to the Harmony. And we have created a Living room group for the Hue lamps in our living room.

At "Activities" you can set the Harmony remote control that for an activity all required devices are automatically switched on, on the correct ports and settings.

For example, with the "Watch TV" activity you can have your television switched on on the TV channel with one click, have Ziggo topbox start up on a channel of your choice and your sound amplifier directly at the desired sound level. Ideal!

Another plus of the Harmony remote control is the possibility of setting favorite TV channels. By indicating which zip code you live in and which service provider you have, the top 25 of most popular TV channels are automatically loaded, including the image of the TV channel. Super handy!


You can adjust this top 25 and even expand it to a maximum of 50 favorites.

It is also possible to set the buttons on the Harmony Elite remote control the way you want. You can do this per activity or per device. For example, you can set the buttons on the remote control differently for, for example, the "Watch TV" activity than for "Playstation" activity.

The Harmony Elite remote control also has four buttons especially for your smart home products. With these buttons you can, for example, turn on the Philips Hue lighting in the living room at a specific light scene. By pressing the same button a little longer you can switch off the Hue lighting.

Control your TV and multimedia with the Harmony Elite remote control

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a compact, comfortable hand-held remote control. The screen is clear and clearly shows the possibilities that the remote control offers.

Control your TV and multimedia with the Harmony app

In addition to the Harmony remote you can also use the Harmony app to control your equipment.

After opening the Harmony app you will arrive in the overview menu. Under "Activities" you see all the activities that you have set up and under "Devices" you see all the devices that are linked to the Harmony.

In this example we show the possibilities of the "Watch TV" activity.

Favorites: with one click to your favorite TV channel.

Swipe: with finger movements you can switch quickly. E.g. Swipe to the left or right is so adjustable that TV volume goes up or down.

Buttons: the buttons of the remote control on the screen of your mobile.

As a second example we show the possibilities within "Devices", in this case the linked Philips Hue lighting.

If you have created a group, you will see all the lights that fall under this group.

You can set a Philips Hue lamp from the app to the color you want.

The app also indicates whether a lamp is on, as shown in this example.



Use activities on the Harmony Elite to control devices

In addition to being able to use activities on the Harmony Logitech Elite remote control, such as watching TV, playing PlayStation, you can also use the Harmony Logitech Elite to automate certain functions of the connected devices.


For example, you can automate Ambilight on a Philips TV to be automatically switched off in the morning and automatically switched on in the evening. Because it is not possible to automatically control the devices directly from the Harmony desktop software or app, you need to create an extra activity for this.

Step 1: Create an activity in the Harmony Elite with only the device you want to control added, in this example the TV.

Step 2: Add the commands to the activity, in this example the Enable Ambilight command on the TV.

Step 3: It is also important to adjust the power settings of the connected devices to ensure that other devices are not turned off when using this activity.

Step 4: Finally, add a timetable to the activity. Note: this is not possible from the Harmony desktop software, but only from the Harmony app!

Add your smart home products to the Logitech Harmony Elite

Another big plus of the Logitech Harmony Elite remote control is that you can add your smart home products. With the disadvantage that unfortunately not all smart home products are possible, but only the smart home products from Philips Hue, Nest, LIFX, Qivicon Home Base and Hunter Douglas. Quite limited in our view, more smart home products could have been added to this.

After you have added your smart home product as a Home Control device, you can further configure this 'device' by going to 'GROUPS' in the desktop software. We have added Philips Hue here and then created different groups. For example a group for the Hue lighting in our living room, from our dining table and from the bedroom.

The advantage of creating these groups is that you can then assign a separate button for each group on the Logitech Harmony Elite remote control. This remote control has 4 special Home Control buttons with which you can control 4 groups individually.

To set the 4 Home Control buttons on your remote control go to 'BUTTONS' in the desktop software and click on 'Go' at 'Assign home control'.

In the next screen you can set the 4 special Home Control buttons on the remote control. These 4 Home Control buttons are located at the bottom of the remote control (see No. 1 to 4 on the picture below).