Are you looking for a smart plug to control your lighting or equipment? Our advice is to purchase a wireless plug-in switch from the brand KlikAanKlikUit.

With a wireless power switch (smart plug) from KlikAanKlikUit you can very easily control your current lighting with a remote control. In other words, much convenience for a relatively low purchase price. The installation is very easy. Our advice is to buy a set of wireless plug-in switches from the brand KlikAanKlikUit.

Wireless socket switches with a remote control from KlikAanKlikUit

You simply plug this set with 3 socket switches into any socket. Then connect your lighting or device and operate with the remote control. This set therefore forms an ideal basis for your KlikAanKlikUit system, since you can expand.

Wireless power socket dimmers with a remote control from KlikAanKlikUit

The ACC-250R compact power socket dimmer set is designed to make it easy for you. Place these 2 compact socket dimmers in existing sockets, plug in the lights and you can dim your dimmable lighting from your couch!

Wireless outdoor socket switches with a remote control from KlikAanKlikUit

Wireless control of your outdoor lighting or devices. With the KlikAanKlikUit remote-controlled socket for outside you can easily switch your lighting on and off from the couch. This set contains 2 socket switches for outside and a remote control.

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What do we think about the socket switches of KlikAanKlikUit?

'We have the outlet switches from KlikAanKlikUit for a long time now. And they work perfectly, no comments. Every day we switch our individual lamps and various equipment in the house on and off with these switches. We have also replaced a few older KlikAanKlikUit socket switches with the new compact round switches, great! '

Get more out of the socket switches from KlikAanKlikUit!

  • More options through combination with other KlikAanKlikUit products

Connect these smart plugs to the Internet Control Station of KlikAanKlikUit and, for example, let your lights come on automatically at sunset. Or connect these smart plugs to a KlikAanKlikUit motion detector and let the lights go on automatically when a movement is detected!