Are you looking for a smart thermostat for your house? Our advice is to buy the smart home thermostat from the Tado brand.

With a smart thermostat from Tado you can very easily make your current room thermostat smart and operate it from an app. In other words, a great deal of convenience, which also ensures a saving on your energy bill. The installation is very easy. From our own experience and use a handy, well-functioning product that has been given a permanent place in our smart house. Our advice is to buy a smart home thermostat from the brand Tado.

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Starterkit Tado smart home wall thermostat - V3 

  • this smart wall thermostat replaces your current wall thermostat

This Tado starter package contains everything you need to make your home heating smart and replaces your current room thermostat. Intelligent heating control, works with Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple Homekit, IFTTT.

Smarter heating for more comfort and simple savings. Tado ° is your Climate Assistant, designed to make your life more comfortable. The Climate Assistant takes care of your comfort and savings at home. Get easy access and control over your heating system via the tado ° app, whenever and wherever you want. Thanks to the unique skills of the Climate Assistant you can save up to 31% on your heating bill and achieve a healthier climate at home.


  • 1 smart thermostat - V3
  • 1 Tado bridge for internet connection
  • mounting material and instructions

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