Are you looking for a smart indoor or outdoor camera for your home? Our advice is to buy a smart home WIFI IP camera from the brand KlikAanKlikUit.

With a smart indoor or outdoor camera from KlikAanKlikUit you can easily keep an eye on your house. In other words, much convenience for a relatively low purchase price. The installation is very easy. From our own experience and use a handy, well-functioning product that has been given a permanent place in our smart house. Our advice is to buy a smart home camera from the brand KlikAanKlikUit.

KlikAanKlikUit IPCAM-2000 -  IP (WIFI) Camera

  • Suitable for indoor use

Do you always want to be aware of what is going on in your house when you are not there? With the Wi-Fi IP camera from KlikAanKlikUit you can always keep an eye on things. Connect the power adapter (3 meters) to the IP camera and download the free multilingual KlikAanKlikUit app for your tablet or smartphone. Via the WiFi settings you can connect to the network of the IP camera, after which your IP camera works immediately. Then simply attach the IP camera to the desired location using the supplied holder.

KlikAanKlikUit IPCAM-3000 - Security camera

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

With this KlikAanKlikUit security camera with night vision for outside you can monitor your garden, car or garage. You can view the images live on the app. That way you always know what is happening around your house. The security camera can easily be placed indoors or outdoors. The IP65 water-resistant design in combination with the external antenna for good wireless performance and strong metal housing with sun visor make this camera. You easily connect the camera wirelessly via your WiFi network or wired to a LAN network.

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What do we think of the IPCAM-3000 camera?

"A very good camera! Clear and constant image, nice extra options in the app, complete with internal storage (!) And complete delivered with all mounting materials included."


Get more out of a camera from KlikAanKlikUit!

  • More options through combination with other KlikAanKlikUit products

Connect the indoor or outdoor camera from KlikAanKlikUit to the Internet Control Station from KlikAanKlikUit and combine it with, for example, the alarm system from KlikAanKlikUit for an optimally safe home!