Our home domotica - the basis of our smart house

The basis of all our smart applications and smart products in our smart home are our home domotica: 4 central systems, also called bridge or hub, from 4 different smart home brands.

Every central system controls its part of the smart devices. For example, the Philips Hue bridge controls the smart Hue lamps, the KlikAanKlikUit Internet Control Station controls the other lighting and equipment, the Tado hub does this for heating and the Logitech Harmony Elite puts the TV and multimedia on the right channel and settings.

The Philips Hue bridge controls the Hue lamps and sensors, allowing you to switch them on or off automatically from the Hue app or completely automatic.


The Internet Control Station from KlikAanKlikUit is the heart of all separate KlikAanKlikUit or Trust Smarthome smart wireless switches, sensors or LED lights.

The Tado hub is super small but manages all Tado smart radiator buttons in our house in a big and efficient way.

The Logitech Harmony hub is the only one of the 4 that is not in the meter cupboard, but is on our TV. And not only controls the TV, but also all other multimedia.


Philips Hue - Bridge

The Philips Hue lamps are controlled from their own central base system, the Philips Hue Bridge. It is possible to also control the Philips Hue lamps from the KlikAanKlikUit system. But we didn't choose that because the Philips Hue Bridge can no longer be used and the bridge is needed for our Philips TV with Ambilight. Which also gives spectacular lighting!

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KlikAanKlikUit - Internet Control Station

The majority of the existing lamps in our house are connected to the KlikAanKlikUit system. These are connected with separate KlikAanKlikUit wireless socket receivers, but also with built-in receivers. All these receivers are controlled from the central basic system of KlikAanKlikUit: the Octopus Internet Control Station, the ICS-2000. You configure the Internet Control Station on your smartphone via the App from KlikAanKlikUit. After configuration you can operate your lights from the App, manually but also automated with rules, scenes or combined with other KlikAanKlikUit transmitters.


Configuring in the App is fairly easy. You first indicate which rooms you have and you add your KlikAanKlikUit lamps and products per room. With scenes and rules you can automate the whole even further. For example with fixed times, sunrise or sunset, with movement, etc ...

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Tado - Hub

Tado supplies smart thermostats and radiator buttons. Because these are centrally controlled from the mini hub of Tado, you can control your heating from the Tado app. Manual, but also automated based on fixed time windows, whether or not at home and combined with apps like IFTTT, the options are even more extensive.

In our house we have no central heating, but district heating. This means that you have to adjust the heating per radiator using the radiator button. District heating can also be operated centrally with a thermostat, but that is a major renovation. With Tado this is not necessary and much easier, you simply replace your current radiator buttons with the smart radiator buttons from Tado and voila you can control your heating centrally.

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Tado hub

Tado radiator button

Logitech Harmony Elite - Hub and remote control

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a universal remote control that allows you to control up to 15 devices in your home. But thanks to the included hub you can do much more and turn any mobile or tablet in your house into your remote control. The Harmony has a huge database of devices that are supported so that you can add almost any device with a remote control. From your TV, internet provider top box to your Playstation you name it ... And if a device is not found, you can easily add it yourself by teaching the Harmony which buttons this remote control has. Ideal!
Another plus of the Harmony Elite is that you can also control some other smart products with this remote control. This way you can operate the Philips Hue lamps with a number of special buttons on the remote control.

Do you want to know how we use the Logitech Harmony Elite remote control?

Logitech Harmony Elite remote control


Get more out of your smart devices with Olisto

The 4 central systems that we use in our smart house are separate systems. And that can sometimes be a disadvantage. There are situations where you want multiple smart devices to be controlled at once, even though they are controlled separately. For example, when you leave home you want the TV and multimedia to be switched off, the heating to a lower temperature and (when it is evening) the lighting to be switched off.

Fortunately, there are apps that come in handy here, such as the apps from Olisto.

App of Olisto

In addition to the Philips Hue app and KlikAanKlikUit, we also use the Olisto app. We use the Olisto app for:

  • With this we combine and operate our Philips Hue and KlikAanKlikUit lighting and switches from one app!
  • With the app from Olisto we have created widgets for our mobile. With a widget you can control your lighting from your mobile without first having to open an app.
  • Our house even made smarter by also controlling our smart devices based on location (at home or not at home) and again (sun or no sun). For example, our sun blinds automatically go down in sunny weather and up again in rain or sunset.