Living room - made smart with various smart home products


What have we made smart in our living room?

  • Traditional light bulbs replaced by Philips Hue bulbs
  • Lighting automatically switched on at half an hour before sunset
  • Lighting automatically on / off when coming home / leaving after sunset
  • Lighting automatically dimmed when passing by at night

  • Existing lighting connected to KlikAanKlikUit wireless switches
  • Lighting switches on automatically at sunset
  • To bed, standby devices switched off from power
  • With Wi-Fi IP camera from KlikAanKlikUit monitor your living room remotely

  • All separate remote controls of our TV and various multimedia (such as Ziggo box, sound amplifier, PS4) replaced by the Logitech universal remote control
  • Activities (such as watching TV or setting Ambilight on your TV) automatically on or off at set times
  • Heating smart and centrally regulated with Tado
  • Heating on automatically and at desired temperature at set times
  • Heating only only on when you are at home

Living room lighting automatically switched on, but also manually

The lighting in the living room is automatically controlled in our home. This means that we no longer have to operate the lighting manually, but that this is done fully automatically. For example at sunset, certain fixed times or when we leave home or come back again.

Of course we can also operate the lighting manually. For example from the Philips Hue app or KlikAanKlikUit. But also via the wireless remote controls that we have in the living room.

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Philips Hue and KlikAanKlikUit controlled in one way

In addition to the Philips Hue app and KlikAanKlikUit, we also use the Olisto app.

The advantage of the Olisto app is that you can manage Philips Hue and KlikAanKlikUit in combination. You can also create a widget for your smartphone with the Olisto app. With these widget buttons you can control your lighting directly from the home screen of your smartphone without first having to open an app. Ideal!


For example, we have created a widget button with which we can switch off all Philips Hue and KlikAanKlikUit lighting when we go to bed at night with one button, among other things.


Do you want to know how to create a widget in the Olisto app?

Do you want to know how to create a "Go to bed" widget in the Olisto app?