Kitchen - made smart with smart home products from KlikAanKlikUit

We also made the lighting in the kitchen smart with various smart home products from KlikAanKlikUit such as wireless socket switches and a motion detector.

Lights turn on automatically when it is dark

In our kitchen, the lighting comes on automatically when motion is detected, but only when it is dark.

A KlikAanKlikUit motion detector, the AWST-6000, was used for this. And the existing lighting is connected to the KlikAanKlikUit system with two wireless socket switches, the ACD-1000. In the event of movement, the motion detector automatically switches on the existing lighting and, in the event of no movement, switches off automatically.


Do you want to know how to set a KlikAanKlikUit motion detector to turn on the lights when motion is detected, but only when it is dark (between sunset and sunrise)?

And to let the lights go out automatically when there is no movement anymore, you have to create a second rule in the app from KlikAanKlikUit.

Changing light scenes with KlikAanKlikUit motion detector

By using multiple rules in the KlikAanKlikUit app, it is possible to set the motion detector of KlikAanKlikUit, the AWST-6000, during the day to switch on changing light scenes. For example, early in the morning at breakfast, we also want the counter lamps on, while in the evening we only want the kitchen mood lamps on.


First we create a rule whereby we set the motion detector from sunset until 7:14 am to switch on only the mood lamps in the kitchen when it is moving.

Secondly, we create a rule whereby we set the motion detector to prepare during breakfast from 7:15 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. to switch on the counter lamps when it is moving.

Finally, we create a third rule in which we set the motion detector to automatically turn off all the lights in the kitchen from sunset until 8:30 am so that there is no movement.

What do we think of these products?

Our experience with the Internet Control Station is that it works well and constantly. All rules and scenes set by us are neatly executed. The only point that you have to take into account is the range on the somewhat longer distances (15 meters and further), then the range may not be as good. But you can easily solve this by adding a KlikAanKlikUit signal amplifier. The motion detector does what it should do, switch it on and off when motion is detected or not. But is somewhat sensitive with daylight and therefore sometimes reacts during the day. No comments about the wireless socket switches or dimmers, great products especially the new small round switches.

KlikAanKlikUit Internet Control Station + app

KlikAanKlikUit motion detector

KlikAanKlikUit switches

KlikAanKlikUit dimmer