Our house made smart with easy smart home products

In our house almost all rooms are smartly furnished, from living room, garden to attic. Smart solutions with which many daily routines (such as lighting at sunset) or activities (watching TV, sun blinds down automatically in the sun) are smartly arranged. In our smart house we consciously choose to use only easy, ready-made smart home products.

Our home domotica - the basis of our smart house

The basis of all these smart solutions in our house are formed by our home automation: 4 central systems, also called bridge or hub, from 4 different smart home brands. Every central system controls its part of the smart devices. For example, the Philips Hue bridge controls smart Hue lamps, the Internet Control Station of KlikAanKlikUit controls other lighting and equipment, the Tado hub does this for heating and the Logitech Harmony Elite puts the TV and multimedia on the right channel and settings.

Our smart home products

In our smart house we use various smart smart home products, such as from Philips Hue, KlikAanKlikUit, Trust Smart Home, Logitech Harmony and Tado. And we have recently started using the Google Home voice controls. Loose smart products, but combined these products make one smart house.

Our house made smart

And below you see an overview of the rooms in our house that we have made smart and also which smart applications we have used there.

Existing lighting made smart

Smart LED lamps in warm white and color

Smart TV and multimedia

Heating smartly arranged

Lighting comes on automatically with movement

Get more out of your KlikAanKlikUit motion detector

Optimal security
with KlikAanKlikUit

Keep an eye on your house with smart cameras

Monitor energy consumption

Heating smartly arranged

Doorbell made smart with KlikAanKlikUit

Smart LED lamps in color

Existing lighting made smart and controlled with voice

Lighting controlled wirelessly

Smart smoke detector from Trust Smart Home

Lighting comes on automatically with movement

Better signal with signal amplifier

Verlichting vanzelf aan bij zonsondergang

Sun protection smart
made and operated via an app

Water fountains naturally turned on in good weather

Smart water leak detector