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From smart thermostat to Philips Hue lamps, you'll find everything for your smart home here!

Oursmarthome.nl is the smart home website for your smart home: from smart thermostat to Philips Hue lamps, from tips, free advice to explanation. Everything to turn your house into a smart house. With simple, ready-made smart home products we have made our house smart in an easy way and we would like to share that knowledge with you!

A smart home

From smart lighting to a completely smart house. Discover how we have made a smart home.

Smart home products

Smart home products yes! But then the ready-made that you can use right away!

Smart advice

Check out our advice guide for a free smart home advice!

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Explanation and instructions

One page full of explanations and instructions on how to use your smart home products.

Voice control

"Hey Google, turn on the lights" and the lights come on. How easy is that!

Smart heating

With smart heating more convenience and you also save on your energy costs.

Our website

On our website we show you how we have made our house smart with the smart, ready-made products from Philips Hue, KlikAanKlikUit, Tado and Logitech Harmony. And that you can also do this in your house in an easy way without technical knowledge or major renovations.

We have started our website oursmarthome.nl to show how we as a family have made our home smart with simple smart home products and would like to share this knowledge with others. We do this as a hobby and with great pleasure. In addition to giving explanations, we also do reviews of new smart products in the market that we independently test and apply in our smart house.

Discover what smart products can mean for you! For us, it means convenience, taking many daily things out of your hands and, above all, enjoying!
Need help choosing your smart home product, no problem. Feel free to use our free online advice guide!

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